You Need to Hear This: Yaeji

New York born Kathy Lee, AKA Yaeji, has been consistently submerging the airwaves of SoundCloud in a calm deep sea of house and siren-call vocals for over a year. However, it wasn’t until late March that her self-titled EP was released through the NYC-based label GODMODE. It’s a must listen.

It’s not often you see someone DJing and singing at the same time,  but take a look at her performing live and you’ll see how natural she makes it look. Ever so casually laying down her sound, rarely has anyone looked so at home behind the decks. Her style is made all the more impressive and unique by the way she readily flits between singing in English and Korean.

Her EP opens with ‘Noonside’, a looping lyric captures and keeps attention for a quintessentially laid-back track. It’s the perfect opening for her LA Boiler Room set.

‘New York 93’ is more intense, with Yaeji’s ghostly whispers leaving us struggling to keep up as they switch from Korean to English, and back, in the blink of an eye.

‘Feel It Out’ has all the flow, hustle and bustle of her home city. The lyric ‘I need coffee, sh*t is crazy, sh*t is Yaeji’ sums up the track perfectly.

‘Guap’ is an interesting cover of Mall Grab’s ode to money (don’t worry, I had to UrbanDictionary ‘Guap’ too). Yaeji retains the essence of the original track by carefully and cleverly adding her distinctive rhythm high in the mix.

‘Full Of It’ opens with surprisingly rhythmic vocals – her sentences are broken so that they are punctuated by bass, and singing in triplets at times leads to a very interesting listen.

‘Yaeji’ is an exciting first release from an artist to keep a close eye on.

Her EP can be found among other gems on her SoundCloud below:



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