I Don’t Want To Wait For: Arcade Fire – Everything Now

Arcade Fire are back. They announced the release date of their 5th album, ‘Everything Now’ by releasing the title track. An anthem to the ability of our modern world to bring us all we could ever want in an instant could easily be a downbeat criticism of consumerism, obsession with social media and the death of patience.

Arcade Fire instead slam us with a typically hectic, uplifting, ecstatic track. They turn the typical view of modern society being doomed on its head, and encourage us to appreciate this incredible time we live in: “Stop pretending you’ve got everything now … I can’t live without every room in my house … I need it”. It’s an incredibly cheerful listen – the accompanying video is difficult to watch without breaking into a smile.

The most impressive thing about this band is their ability to consistently churn out exemplary albums without having to stray too far from their unmistakable, arguably era-defining sound.

Hilariously, the band’s publicity team set up a twitter account (@EverythingNowCo) and have announced the track list in a series of anagrams, teasing us with the irony of being clueless to the details of an album claiming to be ‘the shortest distance between you and everything’.

28th July.



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